Making the New IT a Reality

Verilume_Portfolio TemplateVerilume partnered with Mower when it was still operating in stealth mode as Antallagon. Its founders had developed a cloud-based technology designed to revolutionize the way enterprise organizations make the most of their technology and infrastructure investments. Backed by solid funding and led by a team of technology veterans, Antallagon had all the right things going for it— except for a solid brand identity and launch strategy.

PHASE I: Messaging Architecture
Mower believes that a strong rallying cry is fundamental to motivating employees, customers and industry leaders. Through competitive research and in-depth meetings with the company’s founders, Mower crafted a messaging architecture that reflects what Verilume believes in, what it’s trying to accomplish and why it matters to different key audiences, including its own employees.

PHASE II: Naming
Naming a company is never easy. The first step with Verilume was questioning whether it even needed a new name. Some of the founders liked Antallagon. Some didn’t. But Mower found that, preferences aside, the name just didn’t work with the company’s new direction. It didn’t embody the voice or traits Verilume wanted to communicate. Countless research, brainstorming, testing and validating sessions later, we arrived at the name Verilume. The name is derived from “veri” or truth and “lume” for light – the intent was that it portrayed the aspirational and groundbreaking qualities of the product and the company.

PHASE III: Brand Identity
Working closely with Verilume’s executive team, Mower created the look and feel that would launch the brand. This included a new logo, brand guidelines, a content management system website, a video asset describing how Verilume works, social media pages and marketing collateral. A visual identity is an extension of a company’s persona. Having a consistent brand that bolsters a company’s message is integral to a successful launch. This unified brand improved Verilume’s awareness and understanding of their vision both internally and externally.

Phase IV: PR and Launch Strategy
Verilume needed a unique voice that could cut through the clutter of a competitive marketplace. Mower recommended a PR program that tailored messages specifically for the company’s audiences through the relevant media channels and analysts. On launch day, media interviews with Verilume’s senior spokespeople drove home the company’s story and its objectives in the enterprise IT world. Our efforts resulted in 19 interviews, 2 mentions, and 7 features in just a 6-week period of time. Moreover, coverage consistently reflected Verilume’s key messages—a big win for a new company.

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