Aiming the Global Spotlight

Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation

To help Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTE Corp.) gain visibility and credibility meant publicizing ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) as a viable clean energy solution.

OTE Corp. had big ambitions, but was a complete unknown – a small company out of Lancaster, PA, planning to change the world, one deep-ocean coastal area at a time. How would it reach influencers, media, and investor communities?

Mower created The On Project – a information hub where individuals who cared about the environment, business growth in impoverished nations and humanitarian causes, could learn about the benefits of OTEC: 24/7 renewable energy, economic opportunity and clean, potable water. became the vehicle for starting and nurturing conversations about renewable energy, economic energy, clean water, often related to OTEC. Targeted social media tactics and use of commenting on news sites drove traffic to In turn, TheOneProject linked to OTE Corporation, driving website traffic to the corporate site.

As a result, OTE Corp experienced a 300 percent increase in website visitors four months running.

The On Project


Mower was able to drive website traffic increases to the corporate site, experiencing a near 300 percent increase four months running while relying on targeted social media and news comments to generate awareness.


Over one-third of traffic to the corporate site came from search.

Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation website