Closing the Cancer Gap

The 15-40 Connection’s goal is to raise awareness that there has been little change in cancer survival rates among those aged 15-40 in 35 years. The 15-40 Connection is committed to changing this “shocking gap” by motivating 15-40 year olds to take action when they notice a change in their health and be a self-advocate when they know something just isn’t right.

15-40As a new organization–with a limited budget–that needed to stand out amongst the many cancer organizations, Mower helped 15-40 launch a massive branding initiative and campaign to ensure that it communicated a clear message. This initiative involved multiple phases:

Phase 1: Creating the organization’s visual identity, identity package and brand standards.

Phase 2: Designing and developing a website that could effectively communicate to a vast audience ranging from teenagers in high school to established adults with families, granting agencies, researchers and government entities. The end-result included a user-friendly content management system with a dynamic interface. The site has resulted in visitors spending 3 minutes on average on the site and is adding 55% unique visitors daily.

Phase 3: Developing a social media campaign. Social media efforts focused on communicating with the audience by listening and interacting while providing the most up-to-date resources and news. Through encouraging fan involvement and mini-campaigns, in the first three months 15-40 Connection attained over 18,000 Facebook fans with approximately 70 fan posts to the 15-40 page per week.

Phase 4: A proactive and aggressive media outreach component that highlights the challenges and benefits of making health a priority. Resulting coverage has appeared in top tier national media as well as local news outlets, including Women’s World Magazine and Fox. As part of the media outreach, Mower branded and launched a campaign called “Rock the Doc”. Using video, an interactive app and a strong social media presence, this campaign motivated 15-40 year olds to get a check-up, build a relationship with a healthcare provider and make health a way of living. Any person 15-40 years of age who committed to getting a check-up with a healthcare professional as part of the Rock the Doc campaign was eligible to win a two-carat diamond ring.

Mower helped 15-40 find their voice with an active presence, both online and offline.


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