TEDxCambridge is a unique experience that connects people to share TED-like experiences. Filled with innovation, technology and inspiration, TEDxCambridge speakers have been viewed over 18.5 million times.

Mower designed the TEDxCambridge experience through a visual framework of connectedness. The unique and memorable brand touchpoints included online and live event communications. Our maps, signs, badges, videos and messages helped inform participants before, during and after the event. In addition, Mower managed the public relations and social promotion of the event.

TEDxCambridge 2014 Spring sold out three venues, attracting more than 650 people to Kendall Square for one evening. More than 300 tweets and 750 photos were shared from the event. Mower helped TEDxCambridge add 700 new Twitter followers over a three month period and 400 new Facebook likes. Facebook activities reached over 30,000 Facebook accounts. 104 people shared 184 tweets, reaching 829,324 accounts for a total exposure of more than one million impressions, just about the release of our videos alone. Video views of the seven presentations in just the first week after they were released reached more than 7,000 and continue to grow rapidly.

Our efforts ensured the participation of some of Cambridge’s—and the nation’s, top companies, including: Google, Twitter, Tesla, Akamai, VMware, Johnson & Johnson, McKinsey & Co., MIT Technology Review and many other companies.

They also ensured the sustainability of TEDxCambridge — the Fall event is scheduled for September 12, which Mower is also supporting, will also sell out.


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