What’s in a Name?


Environmental Compliance Services, Inc. (ECS), saw a surge in business for its commercial and residential geothermal consulting and installation services. The company was ready to spin off a geothermal division, and needed to name it and then come up with a visual identity.

Mower’s naming methodology kept the intensity high and the stakeholders engaged as it helped Environmental Compliance Services, Inc. (ECS) spin off its Geothermal Division with a new name.

“The Mower team guided us through an intensive name development process for our geothermal group,” said Doug McVey, CFO, ECS. “While the process could have been drawn out and difficult, Mower’s methodology kept us on track and helped us arrive at a name that works on many levels: Terraclime Geothermal.”

From radio ads to staff vehicles, the name and logo have proven to be differentiated, memorable and representative of the company’s professionalism in an industry dominated by “mom & pop” shops that have cropped up since the 1970’s.