Selfies, Bagels and Other Reasons To Work at HB

enhanced-9520-1397081786-30I know it sounds cliché when I say working at HB means more than fulfilling a role. But I don’t care—I’ll say it anyway. In fact, I’ll even put it in print and publish it right here on this blog.

Because it’s true. Working at HB is an understanding. It’s a Way. Being an HBer means you understand that Perrin will never touch the dirty dish sponge; that if you smell something great cooking in the morning, you know it’s probably Julia’s doing before you even turn the corner; and that the weekly PR team meeting will probably never happen. It means you have an opinion on the kind of chocolate Nicolas gives out, that you know Kevin’s three favorite words [censored] and that Ruth has bamboozled you into a selfie. It means you expect four o’clock pushups to go down, everyday, even if you don’t take part; and it means you chase any exercise (difficult writing assignments and client calls included) with a piece of candy from the liquor boxes in the conference room.

But maybe more important are the underlying traits we share that make The HB Way possible. These are the things we bring to the table, uphold in one another and seek out in all new HBers. Things like having the guts to try new things and risk failing, or a dedication to teamwork founded in good humor and effort. Things like a penchant for carbs, coffee and seasonal beers.

If I still have your attention, check out this BuzzFeed post we created. It includes pictures, videos and gifs of what work and life are like here at HB HQ. If you think you’re a good fit for our team, visit the HB careers page to learn more about open positions!



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