We define integrated marketing as delivering the right story to the right people at the right time with the right media to advance a business goal. Our range of services enable us to make sure we’re performing the right work to influence your audience; too often marketing campaigns end up being the right solution to the wrong problem. That’s why everything we do starts with a strategic mindset.


Even the best story will fall on deaf ears if the proper strategic planning has not been performed.
Our strategic work covers:

  • Primary Research – qualitative and quantitative
  • Secondary Research
  • Market Penetration Plans
  • Online Strategy
  • Media Planning
  • Budgeting

A solid strategic plan will not only promote success, but it will also reduce the likelihood of many common marketing failures.

Yet even the best strategic plan can be wasted time if it is not brought to life with stories that touch audiences and stimulate them to action. Our strategy team understands story-building and creative thinking, as well as what it takes to make an impact on busy and discriminating audiences. Mower views integrated marketing not just as the integration of practices under one roof, but also the cross­-pollination of disciplines and job functions. Gone are the days when a copywriter and designer live separate lives. In today’s rapid-­fire, multimedia world, successful campaigns depend on multi­disciplinary collaboration.

Suggested Case Study

Aiming the Global Spotlight at Ocean Thermal Energy
To help Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTE Corp.) gain visibility and credibility meant publicizing ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) as a viable clean energy solution.


Public relations measurement is dominated by web and social media metrics that are not integrated, do not reflect the business’ bottom line and do not represent the true value of public relations programs.

Mower SightPlan is a suite of measurement and analytics reporting services for both one­time and ongoing marketing effectiveness measurement. The offering can be engaged on a standalone basis or as part of an integrated Mower PR or content marketing program.

SightPlan is ideal for marketing programs that combine both awareness-­raising efforts, which have historically been difficult to quantify and measure, and content­rich sales and lead-generation programs that PR now drives.

Suggested Case Study

AG MednetInsisting on Quality in Clinical Trials
In the clinical trial arena, a single submission error can cost up to seven weeks of trial delay, millions of sponsor dollars and the potential loss or exclusion of patient data from a trial.