Branding Services

From naming to messaging, your brand must differentiate your business and inspire your target audiences.



Our branding services team will help you understand your brand in new ways. Picture a Venn diagram with two overlapping circles – one represents your idea of your brand, and the other represents reality: the way your target audiences perceive and experience your products, services, people and messages. Ideally, the area of intersection covers most of the two circles. Often it doesn’t.

Our Brand as Friend and Affinity processes bring the two circles into alignment, so that your concept aligns with your audience’s experience and your brand identity reinforces all that you want audiences to understand and experience. A strong and inspiring brand becomes a powerful loyalty driver.

Our Branding Services Group begin with in-­depth research designed to uncover the difference between existing and desired brand perceptions. Depending on the nature of your business, our Branding Services Group will use tools such as surveys, internal/external interviews, primary and secondary research and analysis during the discovery phase.

The Affinity and Brand as Friend processes yield actionable recommendations to help your brand identity and communication platform reach and impact key audiences in the appropriate manner.

Whether you require a strong brand impact for a new product or service, or you have an existing brand that needs refreshing in an increasingly competitive landscape, we look forward to advising you on how to move forward and how, ultimately, to shape the stories that will most effectively reach and influence your constituents.

Suggested Case Study

terraclime-thumb2What’s in a Name
ECS was ready to spin off a geothermal division, but first they needed an identity.


Veruna Case Study EMA BostonBuilding a Brand Around a Revolutionary Idea
Change is a Myth if You Don’t Pursue it.


Naming new products, services and organizations can take months and become a huge distraction to management and staff. Our naming methodology takes you through a clear process to understand what you need in a name and discover the right names that meet your criteria.

We have worked with organizations ranging from startups to utility­-scale businesses to help them name companies and products. We are comfortable working with large and diverse stakeholder groups to shepherd them through a naming process, using tools that help you manage internal forces, stay focused on your mission, and arrive at a strong solution. To learn more about how we helped name companies and products, contact us – we’ll be glad to share the stories.