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Strong design often makes the difference between successful campaigns and forgotten efforts.



“Make it awesome.” That’s what you might hear on any given day at Mower creative services.

Whether it’s a lead generation program, ad campaign, experiential design, sales enablement piece or a fully integrated communications initiative, it has to break through the noise. This is what ultimately leads you to winning business and gaining market share.

Mower takes your focus off of the noise and points to sparking a meaningful connection with your audience. Gone are the days of traditional marketing where gatekeepers control the experience of the people you need to reach. Today, everything must drive engagement with an emphasis on being interesting, memorable and breaking through the static.

Do something unexpected—do something awesome—and you win.

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If it isn’t interesting, you don’t have a chance.

In the ad game, you have to do something to break through the clutter. Your big idea has to stop your audience, seize their attention and pull them in. Earned media (PR), community building tools and expanded content placement methods have in some cases supplanted traditional advertising. Yet there is still a place for paid media in a very complex media landscape… and new media have made it possible to reach and move audiences to action for budgets that would never have been adequate a few years ago.

From pay­per­click campaigns to buying space in highly ­focused vertical publications, Mower advises you on how to make the most of your media budget. Then, whether creating a robust Adwords campaign or designing print ads, we ensure that your story makes a strong and compelling case to urge your audience to action.

Measurement plays a critical part to any earned or purchased media initiative – we will always recommend that a portion of budget be ascribed to in­depth measurement and analysis, helping you understand which content affects which audiences in what manner. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can measure a campaign’s success – after all, marketing should not be a faith­based initiative!

Suggested Case Study

Viewpointe precision campaignAdvancing Viewpointe Sales Through Targeted Outreach
Taking advantage of conferences for a targeted awareness and lead-generation campaign.


Design takes many forms. From identity and brand components to experiential and sales enablement and everything in between. Great design is at the confluence of aesthetic sensibilities, breakthrough creative, big ideas, stellar execution and client goals. When it’s done well, you just know it inside and out. Mower combines years of traditional training with the the latest tools and techniques to make its client’s design memorable. Check out the work.