Event Marketing and Experience Design

Drive B2B engagement, create memorable experiences and get the most ROI from your live events.


eventIf you’re planning an event for customers, prospects and other stakeholders, you want to consider the entire experience, from initial outreach to the live environment and post-event follow up. You must engage your participants and generate meaningful business interactions. That means having an iron-clad and creative strategy, coupled with down-to-the-last-detail tactical plans that leave your audiences overjoyed and begging for more.

Impactful design, immersive experiences, creative hooks, easy-to-navigate flow and strong calls to action mean that your attendees will find and get what they need. And the results will make the investment worthwhile. Mower can help you every step of the way, whether you’re trying to impress 20 CEOs or 20,000 customers and partners. Check out the work.

Suggested Case Studies

 emc-world-2013-thumb2Lead Your Transformation at EMC World
Mower developed an interactive experience for EMC World, a week-long IT conference in Vegas.

Enhancing the TEDxCambridge attendee experience with memorable brand touchpoints.