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The best PR programs shape aspirational business stories in the form of a rallying cry, and then shares those stories across relevant channels through words, images and video.

As part of a fully integrated 250-person marketing communications agency, our Boston agency team has immediate access to a full range of capabilities not normally found in “PR-only” agencies. Online and social media experts. In-house marketing and opinion researchers. Promotional specialists. PPC and SEO experts. Graphics and video producers. Consumer behaviorists. The top B2B marketing professionals.

Most agency PR has long been too linear: wait for client news, write a press release, pitch it to the media, wait for coverage, rinse and repeat.


Non-linear PR should be mandatory. Stories weave and evolve – non-linear PR is the key to ensuring these stories are told to the right audiences at the right times. While effective PR will always start with great storytelling, the entry point for telling that story is only occasionally a press release.

Whether you hope to create buzz through a press release or by authoring a bylined article, the story you tell can mean the difference between failure and success. The Mower PR team takes pride in our understanding of story, market expertise and ability to position your news for success with your target audiences and their influencers. Of course, these capabilities go hand-in-hand with optimizing any piece of content for appropriate search-engine results.

The best PR campaigns start with a clear understanding of your business goals and development of your messaging platform and rallying cry. Building on that foundation, we reach the right audiences with the right messages at the right time to advance your agenda in the public domain.

Business storytelling must establish a mission

Mower practices a three-tiered approach to:

  • Ensure client news, opinion and stories stand out
  • Communicate with clarity a client’s stance in its market
  • Holds up to robust measurement that maps to business objectives

We work with clients to:

Establish a Rallying Cry
A rallying cry is an aspirational message—not a tagline. It is the thread that holds all other messages together. It should inspire your industry, clients, partners and employees. A rallying cry elevates a business, taking it beyond a features and benefits perspective. It delivers a manifesto that can be embraced by staff, partners, investors, clients and the media. It gives a company its mojo. Its swagger. Its ethos. Its reason for being. What’s your company’s rallying cry? Let our PR team help you find it and express it.

Build a content creation/integration platform
Making the most of content is critical for B2B communications. Our PR team creates written and visual content to amplify client news and stories. Blog post. Native ads. Content – sponsored or placed. News distribution. Social media. Video. Infographics. Interactive. From thought leadership to white papers to ebooks to interactive content, Mower creates content that aligns with business goals, and then uses the right content channels to amplify the story. Mower explores any and all relevant content channels, extending the life of client messaging in a targeted and meaningful way. Shareable or portable content like infographics and imagery tell stories in ways that words alone cannot.

Measure what counts
The good news is that almost everything is measurable. The bad news is that almost everything is measurable. PR builds awareness, first and foremost. Smart PR teams can drive results back to landing pages, websites and embed calls-to-action to turn make awareness-building more measurable. How do PR and marketing managers effectively report on the successes of their media and content programs? Free and inexpensive tools can help marketers understand different slices of their programs, while more costly services don’t always offer the customization needed to ensure that program measurement efforts align with corporate business priorities.

Suggested Case Studies

attivio-thumb2Harnessing Big Data to Curb the Veteran Suicide Epidemic
We can now use big data to curb veteran suicide, and Mower helped get the word out.

powerhouse-dynamics-thumb-290x150​Making the ‘Coolest Startup Space in Boston’ Known
Mower worked to position Powerhouse Dynamics in the heart of the smart building cluster.

gtl-thumb2​​Making the ‘Coolest Startup Space in Boston’ Known
Greentown Labs partnered with Mower to execute a strategic public relations and marketing program.

swissnex-thumb2​​How to Make a Big Splash
Swissnex invited PlanetSolar, the world’s largest solar-powered boat, to Boston. The what?

Public Relations services include:

  • News Releases — to target specific audiences on a consistent basis to reinforce key messages.
  • Campaigns — to shine a spotlight on core topics using multiple PR tactics in unison to create a groundswell of media attention on issues vital to your organization’s success.
  • Thought Leadership  — to serve as industry experts and authors on topics the industry and business media are – and should be – covering.
  • Product and Services Launches — to support the sales cycle and strengthen your position as an innovator and leader.
  • Analyst Relations — to provide data and market analysis, and vendor-agnostic validation.
  • Event Support — to make sure you get the best PR out of your costly event budget, helping you meet with the right media people and analysts when you participate in industry events.
  • Interactive Storytelling  — you must convey your stories in the way that makes them resonate and ensures the maximum value for your audience – video, imagery, digital drops and other creative expressions of your news and content.