Social Media

Capture, understand and engage with your audiences through social media.



Let’s face it. Social media often becomes an afterthought in an organization’s marketing mix. Unfortunately, this means social media programs that are too thin, unresponsive to customer conversations and do more to threaten the business than grow customer conversations and loyalty.

Today, research shows that even B2B niche audiences use social media to search and evaluate products and services. You need to be where your audiences are searching, evaluating, communicating, sharing, recommending and building their loyal brand relationships.

We help you develop and use the most powerful social presence to augment your content marketing efforts and engage with your constituents on a personal level. We run day-­to­-day social activity and campaigns for clients, and we are committed to aligning your social with your business goals.

We also make sure you don’t waste your time. While your customers might be using Twitter, we may find that they prefer to learn about and engage with your business through Facebook or Google+. Our goal is to help you create and maintain social relationships that matter where it makes most sense for your audiences.

Suggested Case Study

Enhancing the TEDxCambridge attendee experience with memorable brand touchpoints.