Video and Animation

Nothing tells a complex B2B story like a video or animation.


There’s no such thing as one size fits all in video and animation. Producing a voice­-of­-customer video asset is exceedingly different from a product intro animation. They both require technical acumen, the right tools, an eye for quality and a focus on the message. And they can both entertain your audience when done well. In the end, it’s all about the goals of the asset.

Mower’s video and animation has won numerous awards for creativity and results. Check out the work.

Business and consumer audiences increasingly turn to video to find stories about products and services that make their lives better. This is why over 1.2 billion online videos are watched every day in the United States alone.

Whether walking high net worth individuals through financial planning or explaining an energy-saving device to homeowners, video engages attention as it teaches, explains, and convinces. The right video will also entertain, create “aha” moments, and wow your audiences with creativity and imagination.

From script writing to storyboarding, animation to voice-overs, Mower creates video stories that engage audiences and help grow our clients’ businesses.

Interested in the power of storytelling through video?

Suggested Case Study

otec_thumb2The OnProject:Simply OTEC
Mower created a video to help explain how OTEC generates energy for tropical zones.