HB SightPlan

HB/EMA SightPlan

Measure what counts.

Marketing has come a long way. The good news is that almost everything is measurable. The bad news is that almost everything is measurable. How do PR and marketing managers effectively report on the successes of their media and content programs? Free and inexpensive tools can help marketers understand different slices of their programs, while more costly services don’t always offer the customization needed to ensure that program measurement efforts align with corporate business priorities.

HB/EMA SightPlan addresses this. The offering, which can be engaged on a standalone basis or as part of an integrated HB/EMA Agency PR or content marketing program, identifies your business goals, aligns your marketing program priorities and tracks your progress toward these goals.

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HB/EMA SightPlan is ideal for programs that combine both awareness-raising efforts, which have historically been difficult to quantify and measure, with content-rich sales and lead-generation programs that PR can now much more easily drive.

HB/EMA SightPlan conforms with the PR measurement guidelines established by professional associations and international standards bodies that include the PRSA, IABC, CPRF, WOMMA, International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), and others. At HB/EMA, we believe that measurement should be holistic. It should include paid, earned and owned media. It should take into account not just follower and engagement growth, but also changes in attitudes, behavior and, when possible, business results. Advertising value equivalents (AVEs) cannot provide an accurate measurement of your integrated PR or marketing program, and thus should not be relied upon as a metric of value.

HB/EMA SightPlan has something for all types of businesses, from startups that need a social marketing sanity check or brainstorming before a major launch, to large and mid-sized corporations ready to re-think, realign and improve the efficiency of their marketing efforts.

HB/EMA SightPlan Offerings

The regular reporting options offered in the HB/EMA SightPlan will vary depending on your marketing measurement needs and business goals, but can include any of the following:

Content Marketing Assessment

An ideal place to start for companies at any stage of their marketing efforts, this assessment is conducted at the beginning of your program, and then on a quarterly or semi-annual basis thereafter. The HB/EMA SightPlan Content Marketing Assessment evaluates your present marketing efforts from several perspectives, including:

  • Media Relations Effectiveness
  • Social Media Presence
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Lead Generation Readiness
  • Website Performance Evaluation
  • Mobile Web Support
  • Messaging and Keyword Alignment

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Customer Intelligence Report

How much do you really know about your current customers? Before you step up your marketing efforts, understanding who your current buyers are and how they are interacting with your organization (and your competition) can be extremely helpful. The HB/EMA Customer Intelligence Report, which can be run on an annual basis, provides the following insights from your existing email and content marketing efforts:

  • Demographic assessment of current customers and prospects (including a gap analysis of the differences)
  • Sociographic analysis of your customers’ online presence and social networks
  • Psychographic analysis of your customers, leading to creation of archetypical customer profiles
  • Specific program recommendations, including social network prioritization

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Competitive Intelligence Report

How do your marketing efforts stack up against the competition? The HB/EMA Competitive Intelligence Report provides insight into the marketplace you and your competition are selling into. A complement to the Customer Intelligence Report, the Competitive Intelligence Report can be conducted on a monthly or quarterly basis, and includes the following analyses:

  • Total Market Share of Voice
  • Branded Conversation Share of Voice
  • Industry-Specific Share of Voice
  • Earned Media Analysis (Including Social Media)
  • Owned Media Analysis
  • Paid Media Recommendations
  • Keyword Analysis and Clouds
  • Competitive Social Media Presence
  • Discussion and Recommendations

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Media Intelligence Report

The future of SEO and content marketing is unknown, and effective content marketing programs should not rely solely on an “if you build it they will come” inbound marketing plan. The truth is, if you build it, they may not come. You may need to go to them. What are the most effective outreach channels for your outbound marketing efforts? What outlets do your customers read and engage with? Who do you need to connect with at those outlets? What do you offer each outlet to solidify and reinforce that channel with your customers? The HB/EMA Media Intelligence Report answers all of these questions, and is a way to discover new channels at the beginning of a program, or check to make sure you’re not missing any new opportunities as your program continues and matures.

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Share of Voice Report

This report, part of the Competitive Intelligence Report, is available separately, allowing marketers to take the pulse of their inbound and outbound marketing efforts at any time during the ongoing program. The Share of Voice Report can include any of the following options:

  • Total Market Share of Voice
  • Branded Conversation Share of Voice
  • Industry-Specific Share of Voice

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