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In my very first post on this blog, I wrote that “social media is about change management. It’s really about changing the way you do business.” I went on to argue that “integrating social media across the many customer touchpoints (not just the website and phone system, but every single employee of your company) requires a new way of thinking about your business. In reality, it needs a few key characters. In that vein, and with all due respect for the Social Media Breakfast, the Social Media Club and John Hughes (and with all credit to Adam Zand, who first mashed up social media and high school and who lately specifically mentioned The Breakfast Club), I offer:

The Breakfast Club

The Social Media Breakfast Club

  1. “The Change Agent” When you first look at the change agent, he might seem like “The Criminal.” He’s not satisfied with the status quo and is willing to go to lengths to challenge the system, even if it causes a little trouble. But he’s a necessary character in the Social Media Breakfast Club.
  2. “The Champion” Call him “The Jock” if you want to, but you’re still going to need him, because he’s the guy who can rally the troops and, if necessary, force some of the change that needs to happen down the team’s collective throat.
  3. “The Creative” She might seem like “The Kook”or “The Basket Case” to some, but that doesn’t mean you should lock her up and hide her from the world. Tap into her creativity to help lend some authenticity and originality to the content that you develop.
  4. “The Nerd” While social media is getting easier and easier, it doesn’t mean that throwing a little technology savvy at it can’t significantly improve the end product. Tap “The Brain” — or find your inner nerd — to work with The Creative to find some news ways to do old things, and maybe even some new brand new things!
  5. “The Collaborator” She may seem like “The Princess,” but she’s not as stuck up as she seems — she’s just intensely aware of what others think and feel. In reality, she’s an incredible collaborator, and can be great at finding and working with others to achieve a common goal.

None of these characters can, by themselves, succeed at implementing social media across an organization. But together, they can find common ground and work to make a much better place for everyone.

Todd Van Hoosear

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Todd’s love of technology started as a child, when his dad would bring home chips and switches from his work in the electronics industry that would feed his imagination for years. Combining a stint as an IT guy with his education in PR and communication, Todd has helped clients in the engineering, mobile, cloud, networking, consumer technology and consulting spaces bring new ideas – and new takes on old ideas – to the market.

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  1. Dear Mr. Van Hoosear,

    We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole blog post in “comment awaiting moderation” for whatever it is that we did wrong. But we think you’re crazy to make us shorten tweets telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us: in the simplest memes and the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is …

    “The Change Agent” “The Champion” “The Creative” “The Nerd” “The Collaborator”

  2. Love the analogy, even though I have no clue what you are talking about. While you American teenagers had the Breakfast Club, in the UK we had to content ourselves with The Wombles.

    Tomsk – The Jock
    Wellington – The Brain
    Great Uncle Bulgaria Coburg – The Kook
    Madame Cholet – The Princess
    Bungo – The Criminal

  3. John,
    I once saw a Wombles exhibit at the Royal & Albert in London. I guess that was the turning point in museum’s history as in 2007, I saw the Kylie Minogue exhibit with my son at same place.

    Don’t tell anyone in our social media circle, but I’ve never seen all of The Breakfast Club. Let’s rent it in Arlington and then deconstruct with Todd’s awesome template.


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