Somerville Means Business…Green Business

lightbulbMassachusetts is leading the clean and green tech revolution in the United States. From Governor Patrick’s leadership to our top-tier universities and every startup in between, we have all of the necessary elements in place to help drive our progress.

It’s important to note, however, that all of this innovation isn’t happening in downtown Boston. Many are quick to assume that the Bay State’s cleantech advancements are developed in the Innovation District or the Leather District but believe it or not, many of the latest and greatest technologies are born just across the river in Cambridge and Somerville.

The latter of the two is stepping up its green tech game by launching an initiative to engage members of its community to help mold Somerville’s energy future. At Greentown Labs earlier the week — the pioneer of green and cleantech in Somerville — Mayor Joe Curtatone announced the City’s official Request for Information (RFI) in an effort to gain information that will help develop a program for the City to collaborate with emerging green tech companies that can be applied throughout Somerville.

According to the City’s announcement:

“The purpose of this RFI is to gain a greater understanding of the projects and services that green tech companies can offer to pilot, demonstrate, launch or apply as part of the greater effort to experiment and develop new ideas that will support sustainability in the City of Somerville including our 2050 net zero emissions target.”

Cue the cleantech entrepreneur happy dance! Amiright?! Not only is Somerville hugely supportive of green tech innovations, it’s asking its brilliant community members for their ideas about how different technologies can be rolled out throughout the City. Hats off to Mayor Curtatone and his whole sustainability team. It’s not everyday you see city leadership asking its people for disruptive concepts to ignite positive change.



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