Streamlined Design

I enjoy walking through Ikea and viewing their space-conscious design. They make living in 251 square feet look organized and desirable.

I had the opportunity to board the PlanetSolar boat – another great example of space-conscious design – while it was docked in Boston. Running solely on the energy found in light, the technology is nothing short of impressive. While on the boat, I took particular note of how the boat’s interior was deliberately planned.

Both the boat’s technology and living quarters utilize a streamlined design. Lifeboat and supply containers become sofas or resting places with mattresses. Storage crates turn upside down for table tops and items in the kitchen are well-secured. Cables are secured, running along the ceiling.

The efficiency of space management is truly a remarkable art form.

Amanda Jayachandran

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Amanda creates unique strategies to help tell her clients’ stories. Her passion for design earned more than 35 design awards across branding and identity campaigns, direct marketing and demand generation, websites and event support. She consistently exceeds industry standard returns in interactive and print campaigns.

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