You’ve Cat to be Kitten Me: A Quick Lesson on Cats in the Media

I recently switched desks, moving to another section of the office. As I broke a sweat hauling a bookshelf, client folders, pictures and knick-knacks to my new space, I realized how much of my stuff is cat-related. Cards. Cat butt magnets. My day-by-day tear-off calendar. A sticky note dispenser. (Mind you, these things were given […]

The Value of Incentives

Potty training. Parents with children who have gone through this process, are going through it or will be going through it: you have my sympathy. When you really think about it, the idea of using a toilet is a foreign concept to a toddler. What’s the real value for them if they’ve been getting their […]

H2H PR – Haven’t We Always Been Doing It?

Recently, B2B and B2C public relations have had some human company. Human-to-human (H2H), lately one of the industry’s favorite phrases, is now everywhere and it’s gotten there fast. But how people are using it and what it really means don’t seem to be in line. The two main public relations categories, B2B and B2C, serve to create […]

Moving towards simplicity: It's not that simple

In our complex and confusing world, more and more of us strive for simplicity. It may not look that way on the surface, as we scramble to buy “stuff” (both in stores and online) for our homes: electronics, collectibles, furniture, books, and kitchen gadgets.

IABC – Yankee Chapter – Worth the time and cost!

I had the pleasure of participating in an IABC Yankee Chapter event this week. I have been to several IABC events, and each time have met talented communications professionals who bring great acumen and experience to communication challenges. These have ranged from experts at other agencies to internal communications folks at some of the area’s […]