LaunchCamp Boston 2010 is Feb 4th

Fresh Ground Communications is very pleased to announce the first LaunchCamp event, scheduled for February 3rd & 4th, 2010. LaunchCamp takes a fresh look at PR, marketing, social media and management — and the technologies and tools that have evolved around these areas — and attempts to identify the challenges that organizations face in the launch process.

The event is designed to help entrepreneurs make the essential decisions needed to launch their brand, product or service. It is organized by PR, marketing, social media and business professionals looking to identify and replicate some of the best practices in the market for moving entrepreneurial organizations along the growth curve.

The event is being organized in conjunction with the Social Media Club Boston, Social Media Breakfast Boston and PRSA Boston Chapter, and being graciously hosted at the Microsoft NERD Center. Fresh Ground is pleased to be the founding sponsor, and we’re still looking for additional sponsors for the event.

Why LaunchCamp?
There are plenty of events designed to foster startups and help entrepreneurs find money, but there are very few events that focus on “the big splash:” how do you get the attention your company needs to grow and reach its business goals? This event is perfect for entrepreneurial organizations — especially bootstrapped, angel-funded and early-stage venture-funded businesses — looking to accelerate their growth using social tools and techniques.

Who is LaunchCamp Designed For?
This event is perfect for entrepreneurial organizations — especially bootstrapped, angel-funded and early-stage venture-funded businesses — looking to accelerate their growth using social tools and techniques. It is for both skeptics and those who need to convince the skeptics. It’s also perfect for “intrapraneurs”: innovators within larger organizations who are trying to create change.

LaunchCamp Boston 2010 is being held at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge on the afternoon of Thursday, February 4th. There are two other events taking place before LaunchCamp:

  • On Thursday morning, we’re hosting Social Media Breakfast Boston #16: a Social Media Breakfast Bootcamp. The bootcamp event offering entrepreneurs and business people with a little less background in social media to get themselves up-to-speed in advance of the LaunchCamp afternoon event.
  • On Wednesday evening (Feb. 3rd), Social Media Club Boston and PRSA Boston are hosting a panel on the State of Journalism, Media and PR in 2010.

Registration for all of these events is now open. To register or find out more about LaunchCamp Boston 2010, please visit

Speakers and a more detailed schedule will be announced shortly. If you’re interested in speaking at the event or sponsoring the event, please contact





Paul Gillin on Social Media Marketing: Fresh Ground #4

Fresh Ground Podcast #4In episode 4 of the Fresh Ground Podcast, Todd Van Hoosear talks with Paul Gillin, veteran technology journalist, author, blogger, researcher and consultant. Paul is a popular speaker who is known for his ability to simply complex concepts using plain talk, anecdotes and humor.

Todd and Paul talk about how to start in social media, measure ROI, give up control (and why giving up control can be so valuable) and “ditch the pitch.”

This interview was originally recorded a little more than a year ago.

Some of the more interesting excerpts:

“Starting small is fine. There’s no reason that you have to make a big enterprise-wide commitment to social media in order to start some spot blogging, launch a podcast or do some video … training.”

“[A] lot of what goes on in social media is in fact what we have been doing on television, and radio and in print communications and in newsletters… We’re simply using a different means to do that, and we are creating a two-way channel around it.”

“When you can take a company … as big and as conservative as Procter & Gamble and say this company is making a huge corporate-wide commitment to a new way of communicating with its customers, that is … a pretty compelling case that this idea has gone mainstream.”

“There are paradoxes in social media… The more control you give up, the more control you get… The more you give away, the more you get in return… The more transparent you are, the more control you have over information.”

“The trend is very clear that people who influence important constituents are important to institutions, regardless of the media they use. As mainstream media continues to decline, and crumble in many cases, this may be all we have left in some markets.”

“The traditional [PR] pitch is almost a scripted engagement, and I know that if I ever want to play games with a PR person’s mind, what I’ll do is start asking intelligent questions… When you’re talking with someone who has a high level of knowledge, as most bloggers do, you can’t deliver a pitch. They’re not going to listen to it. They don’t play the game. They’re not trained in the game like journalists are. They are going to challenge you right off the bat. So you can’t go in unprepared. You can’t go in with a scripted plan. You have to go in with a plan for a conversation, and that requires a fundamentally different approach to PR.”

About the Fresh Ground Podcast: Each week, we feature 10 minutes of insights from people driving change in today’s competitive business and media landscape. We talk about the evolving worlds of media, public relations, marketing and business, with a special focus on creating more social organizations.

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