Jill Abramson Is Launching A Media Startup

image via The Boston Globe

image via The Boston Globe

Jill Abramson and David Carr kicked off WBUR’s new series Fast Forward at Boston University this week. While the pair rarely stayed on-topic, the night was full of candid moments, debate, and Abramson’s latest breaking news — she’s launching a media startup with Steve Brill.

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Hollywood Discovers PR and Finds the Past

The New York Times has a rather odd piece from Sunday discussing how the film industry is cutting back marketing budgets and focusing on public  relations instead. I’m sure there is more to this story, but I’m not interested in debating the merits of paid versus placed media.

I zeroed in on this paragraph:

Disney recently went so far as to develop a computer program to help it determine how much monetary value was coming from such publicity efforts. It can quickly plug in data — “Access Hollywood” had a 30-second interview with a star of “The Middle,” a new ABC comedy — and the program spits out what that same 30 seconds would cost to buy.

Seriously Disney? The minds that come up with some amazing and creative stoytelling looked deep into the marketing analytics and came up with ad equivalency?

Oh KD Paine, please save them.