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greenbeanI like to spend my summers traveling to as many places as I can. This summer, my travels took me to Montreal, Indianapolis, Green Bay, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia.

I love the different energies cities exude – the way the sun bounces off tall buildings, people busily cross streets, couples stroll through green parks filled with modern sculptures, and smells of hot dogs and roasting nuts make their way across town (or cheese curds if you’re in the Midwest).

As I traveled, I noted the different changes in architecture helping to make buildings and structures more sustainable, creating a greener, cleaner life for its residents.

It was in Chicago where building design has changed the most. On the architecture foundation river tour, I learned that The Willis Tower (Sears Tower) may actually change the well-known structure from black to grey in an effort to reduce the amount of heat radiating from the building. Elsewhere, McDonald’s opened its first targeted Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) restaurant featuring solar tube skylights, heat from the condensing units, lighting controls that sense and adjust energy use, and low environmental impact paint. Also, the City of Chicago is sponsoring one of the largest sustainable neighborhood revitalization developments in the country. It includes buildings with green roofs, transplanted soil that will help rid waterways of silt build-up, easy access to transit, and close proximity to schools and parks.

Additionally, our own nearby city of Boston has made tremendous advances. It became the first major city in the United States to mandate that all large-scale privately developed real estate comply with LEED certification standards.

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