The Potential of Oceans

We are lucky to work with an increasing number of renewable energy and clean-technology companies. The most recent is Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation, a Pennsylvania-based pioneer building Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) systems, Seawater District Cooling (SDC), and fresh water production solutions.

Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation

OTE Corporation solves challenges created by the world’s dependence on oil. Tapping into nature, OTE Corporation is relying on the world’s oceans to produce clean energy, pure drinking water, and numerous other benefits including aquaculture (and hence economic development). In our work, we not only help to creatively solve problems for OTE Corporation, but indirectly help to bring clean drinking water and clean energy solutions to communities that desperately need it.

In his recent budget speech, President Obama committed to continue investing in job creation and clean energy technology despite aggressive cost-cutting plans. OTE Corporation’s leadership, culture and technology are among those rising to meet pressing global energy challenges, to succeed financially and to offer significant humanitarian benefits. We at HB get the privilege of leveraging the power of marketing to help OTE Corp. leverage the power of oceans.


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