The Responsibilities of Social Media Marketing

Frequently, our clients and prospects ask if we “do social media.” Typically, our answer is “there is lots more to social media than simply ‘doing’ it.”

As organizations and industries further rely on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to deliver their messages, the need for marketing responsibility and commitment has greatly increased. We look at social media as part of a larger, integrated marketing strategy. As such, we recommend that our clients be prepared to do the following:

  • Invest necessary resources into content creation and social media oversight;
  • Confidently introduce conversations and topics to their constituents;
  • Have the fortitude to “let go” of these conversations, often allowing constituents carry on without interference;
  • Patiently and deliberately choose the right time to re-engage in the conversation; and
  • Eventually use the conversation and feedback to deliver value to their customers.

An organization ’s constituents – particularly its customers – can be its greatest source of valuable, unvarnished feedback. When developing a social media strategy, organizations must be responsibly involved (and uninvolved) at the right times. Internal and external social media teams must work together to ensure that social media channels deliver the highest value to the organization and its constituents.

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