Was it a Twebinar or a Tvebinar?

I attended my first Twebinar yesterday. “A what?” A Twebinar. Twebinar = webinar + Twitter.

Imagine a Webinar during which attendees can have conversations about the Webinar using Twitter. Referred to as a microblogging tool by the social media crowd, I describe Twitter as a public instant messaging platform. Check out this in Plain English video on YouTube for a great demonstation.

Back to the Twebinar. I consider a typical Webinar to be a live event with a slide deck. Yesterday’s event was mostly pre-recorded video with a few minutes of live video and no slide deck. The slide deck wasn’t missed, but the live video portions played such a small role today that I wondered why it was a scheduled event rather than just a video clip posted on YouTube. Enter Twitter.

Making it a Twebinar was brilliant, as the community of 500 viewers simultaneously watched the video and tweeted about it online. Yes, much of the tweeting focused on technical difficulties experienced by some attendees, but there were also many posts and comments about the Twebinar’s content: interesting examples of companies successfully using social media to spark conversations. Today’s Twebinar certainly got me talking – and thinking that perhaps the new age of Webinars will be Vebinars and Tvebinars.

If you check out Twitter, be sure to find and follow me. I am @perrinmcc.


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