What From 2012 Will be Celebrated in 2112?

As a Boston-area resident and worshipper at Fenway Park, which celebrated its 100th anniversary this year, I find myself acutely aware of anything that dates back to 1912 (the list includes LL Bean, the Girl Scouts and Oreos).

Luminaries born in 1912 include Julia Child, Jackson Pollock, and most importantly in my world, the patriarch of our four-generation family, Grampy Joe.

What will citizens celebrate in 2112 that dates back to this year? Will it be…
• 50 Shades of Grey? Please no.
• Diet Dr. Pepper 10?
• Or perhaps the final Twilight movie?

It takes more than a useful or desirable product to build a brand. Key ingredients include:
1. Consistent messaging,
2. An understanding of your target audience and its persona, and
3. Customer engagement.

What do you think made LL Bean and Oreos such strong brands (besides the warm boots and scrummy cookies)?

At FutureM this month, marketing and technology innovators will contemplate the future of Marketing (yes, with a capital M). While conversation may focus on what Marketing’s future will look like in five years, seeds will be planted for brands to thrive for the next century. Join the group to explore how marketers today integrate traditional marketing, digital marketing, R&D and product development in exactly the right way to create brands that will last until 2112.

HB’s UnPanel is your opportunity to have a voice in this future. What makes today’s brands successful and what will resonate a 100 years from now?


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