What’s Your Story?

Why is online video a great medium for storytelling? I have list of reasons, but I would rather tell you a story of why I think it’s wonderful.

Last Christmas, I gave my wife a hard cover book filled with images from the first years of our children’s lives. She was very happy, smiling as she turned the pages, remembering events that brought us good times. The kids were interested too, clawing at the book for a glimpse of photos they might be in. Fast forward 15 minutes to when my wife unwrapped an empty DVD case. She asked, “What is this?” and I replied, “Watch.” Our television played a video I created from short clips of our daughter’s lives. Our living room was silent for the next five minutes and 10 seconds. At the end of the video, my wife cried and said thank you. My daughters asked to watch it again.

Video and animation are not the perfect medium for all marketing materials, but I feel they can make a greater impact when telling your story. Business and consumer audiences increasingly turn to video to find stories about products and services that make their lives better. This is why over 1.2 billion online videos are watched every day in the United States alone. See 14 other stats you should know about online video on Digiday by @GAbramovich.

Whether discussing financial planning with high net worth individuals, showing the first few years of your children’s lives or explaining an energy-saving device to homeowners, video engages attention as it teaches, explains and convinces. The right video will also entertain, create “aha” moments and wow your audiences with creativity and imagination.

From script writing to storyboarding, animation to voice-overs, HB creates video stories that engage audiences and help grow our clients’ businesses.

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Growing up under the influence of Boston sports' teams, 80's comic book art, Super Mario Bros., and Shogun Warriors – Matt has immersed himself in world full of creative stories, imagination, and competitive challenges. Combined with over 15 years of professional experience in print design and digital marketing, Matt has a knack for out-of-the-box thinking.

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